When is Student Appreciation Week in Chicago?

This week is #TeacherAppreciationWeek and if anyone tells you this week isn’t necessary, they’re clearly out of their mind.

Teachers play a huge role obviously in the development of our children and help shape our children’s character. There are plenty of teachers who go above the call of duty in the name of education. They rise early to prepare for the school day and are up late grading tests, studying curriculum, and preparing lesson plans. “Teacher Appreciation Week” is the LEAST we can do, to let our educators know how much we cherish them. However, we couldn’t help but to wonder, when will those same sentiments be shown to the students? Especially in Chicago.

This morning DNA Info reported that the Chicago Teachers Union may not strike in May after all. Reasoning:

Teachers do not get paid during the summer, and some are worried about the idea of losing out on one of their last checks if a strike were to happen towards the end of the school year, Sharkey told the Sun-Times.


Excuse us while we unwrap our heads around from thinking maybe CTU changed their mind in order to accommodate… wait for it… THE STUDENTS.

It’s safe to say CPS students have been through the fire, to the limit, and to the wall this school year. Yet, they continue to show up, eager to learn, and anxious to finish the school year strong.

In the midst of twitter fights, press conferences and egos, when will the focus shift back to the children? The strike should be cancelled, because the CHILDREN deserve a fair chance to finish without the consistent thought of their school being closed hovering over their head.

Happy #TeacherAppreciationWeek! You deserve each and every coffee mug, apple, and free lunch you’ll receive this week. Just don’t forget to appreciate the students who appreciate you and are depending on you to remember them.

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