5 Chicago Facts About Muhammad Ali

On June 3rd, 2016 the prettiest boxing champ who will go down in history as the Greatest of All Time, died from respiratory issues.

It’s a well known fact that the boxing legend spent a great deal of time living in Chicago during his years of exile. Check out 5 Chicago facts about Muhammad Ali below.

1. While living in Chicago, Ali made his humble abode at 4944 S. WoodlawnAve. in the Kenwood community.

2. Ali was married in Chicago to Khalilah Camacho Ali a.k.a. Belinda Boyd in 1967.

3. Muhammad Ali moved to Chicago to be closer to Elijah Muhammad and study the Islamic faith. The home of Elijah Muhammad was also in the Kenwood community, 2 block’s away from Ali’s.


4. The champion made his spiritual and legal transformation from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali while living in the Windy City.

5. Ali currently has two granddaughters living in Chicago. Ages 7 & 9. See video below for more information.

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