Bandwagon Cub Fans… Can We Keep the Trend Going with Chicago Education?

I couldn’t tell you a single player’s name on the Cubs team if my life depended on it. Well, yesterday I learned about Dexter Fowler who’s making Black history by being the first African American Cub to lead-off in Game 1 of the World Series. Dope. But before that, no clue.

To my defense I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. Southsider’s were White Sox fans and Northsider’s were Cubs fan. But if I’m honest all along I was only a Chicago Bulls fan. I absolutely had no interest in baseball. It bored me to my core. It still bores me. My former job took all of the employees to a Cubs game in 2010. I spent the entire time eating in the skybox. I couldn’t tell you if we won or loss that game.

But now, those tables have turned. Last week I told my husband I don’t want to be anywhere near Wrigleyville during the World Series. Yesterday I magically changed my mind. At any given moment I’m liable to break out in song to “Go Cubs Go”. It baffles me how I know every single word. What happened? I’ve become a bandwagon fan.

The term “bandwagon fan” has a negative connotation. It highlights the fact that one hasn’t endured tough times with a team and only shows up for the glory days. While this may hold some truth, I realized that although I may not be a baseball fan, I am indeed a Chicago fan. It’s hard to ignore the excitement and positivity the Cubs has brought to the city of Chicago. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was contagious.


Governor Rauner released a statement saying all state employees can wear Cubs gear to work during the World Series. Yesterday the Art Institute of Chicago added Cub’s caps to their iconic lion statues. What a time to be alive in Chicago?!?! It’s refreshing to see our city, North, South and West side, come together for the good. Question: Why can’t we do the same for high quality education?

A group of parents who are members of Chicago Parent Congress were highly criticized for being concerned about Chicago students if CTU decided to strike. Everyday concerned citizens speak out in support of high quality education for all students and school choice. Their ideas are consistently bashed for only God knows why. Maybe because it seems too much like right?

But there’s a shift happening. More parents are realizing the power they have as it pertains to their children’s education. School choice is becoming a reality for many. Parents realize they no longer have to sit on the sideline and watch their children be used as pawns, and choosing to jump in the game. Yes, this is really happening. And it’s okay if you aren’t a fan of this movement now. But as it grows and you decide to become a “bandwagon fan” we won’t judge you. We’ll simply know you are a fan of Chicago and want to support the good.

Go Cubs!

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Tanikia Carpenter

Tanikia is a lifestyle writer & blogger from Chicago. Her work has been featured on the TLC network, ESSENCE, and Huff Post LIVE, just to name a few. Tanikia is a regular contributor to Black & Married With Kids and the columnist of JET Magazine's "Giving You the Gospel". She is also the author of "When God Said Yes" & "The 30 Day Man Fast".