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As Parents, We’ve Sized up the Risks, and the Time to Send Kids to School Is Now

Seldom, if ever, has there been a time in American history when the kids were eager to return to school, while the teachers dreaded returning and even threatened to boycott. However, this upside-down reality is exactly the case in Chicago today.  This morning, members of the Chicago City Council’s education committee are holding a hearing to hear Chicago Public Schools…

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L.A. Parents Sue Their District Over Remote Learning. Will Chicago Parents Follow?

Yesterday afternoon, a group of Latnix and Black parents in Los Angeles announced they have filed a lawsuit agains the Los Angeles Unified School District. The parents claim LAUSD’s remote learning plan falls short of providing students what they need to learn. You can watch the conference–and hear the heartbreaking stories the parents shared regarding inadequate support for parents and…

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I’m a Teacher Who Wants Cops Out of Schools, And Don’t Bother Asking If I Was Assaulted by A Student

The current push to remove police from schools hits a nerve among some people, even some of my fellow teachers. When I talk about it, I am frequently asked, “Well, have you ever been assaulted by a student?” Yes, I have, and that’s not the point. Usually, asking the question is a sign of white fragility and defensiveness. Here’s why.…

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My Chavez Students Are One in a Billion

Recently, Chicago Public Schools released a report from the CPS Inspector General’s office questioning how the NWEA test is given to students. While the report mainly focuses on lengthy testing times and frequent pauses during tests, it also includes a table that lists schools, grades and subjects where students achieved huge growth.  This table includes Chavez Elementary’s third-graders, for growth…

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If Student-Based Budgeting Is the Slicer, We Need a Bigger Pie

Chicago Public Schools recently wrapped up a series of workshops discussing how student-based budgeting works and asking parents, school leaders and community members for their ideas about how to make sure the neediest schools and students get an equitable share of funds. Critics charge the current budgeting process creates a vicious cycle of disinvestment when already under-resourced schools lose students.…

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