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CPS Parents Wanted for Research Study

My name is Julie Nesbitt. I am the mother of a CPS student. I’m looking for families with children in grades K-4 in a Chicago Public School for a research study on the experiences of parents who, like me, have had the school consider their child’s behavior challenging. For example, schools have sent my son home during work hours, and threatened restraints,…

CPS High School and Academic Cut Scores for the 2022-23 School Year

‘Tis the season once again for high school admissions in Chicago.  The CPS Office of Access and Enrollment released High School Round 1 results on Friday, March 18.  CPS recently announced that they have extended the Round 1 decision deadline to Monday, April 4 at 5 PM CT.  CPS has announced upcoming changes to the selective enrollment admissions process for…

Whether We’re in School or Remote, We Must Breathe, Love and Care for Each Other

When it comes to returning back to school in the middle of a pandemic, no one has the one right answer. But I would like to observe that we are responding with the same demands and the same strategies we have been using to fight the system for the past two years. History repeats itself. The same things we have been demanding during these pandemic years are the same things CTU has been demanding for the past decade.

CTU Must Stop the Theatrics and Support Return to In-person Instruction

After a year of remote learning, too many of our young kids, including mine, are far, far behind where they should be. When my wife and I met with our older son’s first-grade teachers at Open House in the fall, they told us, “We’re really scared. Not for your son, but for all of them, because they are so far behind already.”