The Role of the Media in Education Reporting – from the Eight Black Hands podcast

Our friends at Eight Black Hands podcast takes a serious look at education in the U.S. and how it serves (or doesn’t) the 8 million Black students in the system.

Their latest episode takes a deep dive into the role that the media plays in keeping the public informed (or not) about education. Who is centered in the stories the media tells? How does the media help? How does the media hurt? Where are the blind spots in education reporting today? How is the changing media landscape affecting the stories that get told and who tells them?

The guests on this episode are Mary Jo Madda and Alexander Russo, who talk about what the responsibilities of the media are in providing equitable education journalism and especially identifying the missing voices. They also offer some important ideas for how to make education journalism more equitable and representative.

Watch the full episode here:

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