Chicago Public Schools Is Bleeding Out But Neither the Teachers Union Nor the Governor Will Help

Chicago teacher and award-winning blogger Marilyn Rhames paints an awesome illustrations of “Mr. CPS” dying.

Yesterday, I woke up to the news that 292 people were shot and 51 people murdered in Chicago in the first month of the New Year.

Then later in the day, I learned that the tentative offer Chicago Public Schools (CPS) made to the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) was rejected, making me think of a different kind of death, a killing-me-so-so-softly kind of demise.

If CPS were a person, I would call 911 to take him to a Level 1 Trauma Center right now.

This poor man is lying on the curb, totally exasperated…pulse is fading…bleeding profusely from multiple open wounds. When the first responders arrive—the CTU, the school board, the mayor, the governor and state legislators—all they do is blame each other for the man’s injuries and fight about the best course of treatment.

Meanwhile, poor Mr. CPS is bleeding out and no one is reaching for a tourniquet.

After 14 months of bargaining, CTU’s 40-member “Big Bargaining Team” unanimously rejected the proposed four-year contract that its union leadership had touted as a “serious offer” from CPS.

CTU President Karen Lewis acknowledged a “lack of trust” her members have for CPS and Mayor Rahm Emanuel, but, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, she admitted that she was surprised that her members didn’t take the deal.

That makes two of us, Karen!

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