Welcome Back Students

WBEZ’s Curious City Wants to Hear Your Thoughts on The New School Year

Our friends at WBEZ’s popular show, Curious City, reached out to Chicago Unheard with this request for parent/student/teacher voices. Deadline to comment is Friday August 28.

We want to hear from students, parents and teachers about how the anticipation of this upcoming school year feels given the new routines in place for Chicago area schools in response to COVID-19. Answers to questions like: What challenges are you anticipating for this fall? What excites you about this new school year? What worries you?

We’re asking that people who would like to share their thoughts and experiences send us a voice memo at [email protected] or leave us a voicemail at 888-789-7752—and they may be featured in an upcoming episode of our show.

Parents Are Speaking Out–Here’s Another Way to Take the Mic

Fellow parents, this is a moment when everyone wants to hear our voices. And folks are handing us the mic in all kinds of ways–from the recent Kids First Chicago Education Recovery report to the recent remote learning statement published by the Logan Square Neighborhood Association.

Students and teachers, you all have been speaking out, too, and showing up at protests and car caravans. Speaking out has reduced the Chicago Police Department’s presence in CPS high schools and settled the district on a remote-only opening for first quarter.

But now that we know CPS is going remote, how can remote be improved from the dismal experience too many families had last spring? Parents, teachers and students, what are your hopes for better this time around?

I hope everyone with a stake in Chicago schools and youth will take a moment to collect their thoughts and send in a short voice mail or voice memo to make their thoughts known.

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Maureen Kelleher

Chicago Unheard blog manager Maureen Kelleher also serves as a senior writer and editor at brightbeam, a nonprofit network of education activists demanding a better education and brighter future for every child. Before joining the brightbeam team, she spent a decade as a reporter, blogger and policy analyst. Her work has been published across the education world, from Education Week to the Center for American Progress. A former high school English teacher, she is also the proud mom of a middle-schooler. Find her on Twitter at @KelleherMaureen.

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