Tag: Teaching During COVID-19

K1C Parent Board

CPS Parents Tell Kids First Chicago How to Fix Remote Learning This Year

In July 2020, Kids First Chicago spoke with 163 CPS parents about their recommendations for the upcoming school year. They included four dual-language focus groups to connect with Spanish-speaking parents. This is very important since the district and many individual schools still struggle to communicate effectively with parents who primarily speak Spanish. (Let alone parents who speak other languages!) You…

Trust Your Struggle

If We Can’t Trust CPS to Take Parents Seriously, How Can Parents Trust Them With Kids Next Year?

Like every other parent in the Chicago Public Schools, I’m trying to wrap my head around what next school year might look like, both for everybody and for my own family in particular. So far, the struggle has produced more questions than answers. We don’t know much yet about how CPS will handle next school year. Late last week the…

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