From LA to Chicago, the Cry for Parent Engagement Rings True

We saw this post from a teacher and school board member out in California that really speaks to the power of parents getting involved and advocating for their child’s education.

My mom is both my best friend and my biggest source of motivation. Who I am today is a direct result of who she was in my life growing up.

I still remember celebrating with her after earning an award during every Halloween Costume festival for “Best Costume” as she made sure I could always participate and stand out. She loved seeing me be the center of attention, and at an early age, she taught me to own who I was and be comfortable in my own skin.

I still remember her face filled with pride and excitement as I participated in the mental math rounds of our District-wide Math-o-thon for five consecutive years. She was the loudest in the crowd, cheering me on even when I didn’t earn one of the top places. My mother taught me that success was about the journey and not simply the results.

Read the complete post from Alma Renteria.



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