What…You Teach Your Kids At Home?

Since as early as I can remember, I have been passionate about educating children. I thoroughly enjoyed my years as a classroom teacher (both public & private), working at seasonal camps or simply babysitting. I confidently believe that children are unlimited beings with outrageous potential in almost any area, so I take great joy in facilitating learning and stirring their natural curiosity for knowledge. 

Today, I am a mother of three children ages 5, 3 & 1 and my family and I are committed to the wonderful world of homeschooling! Though I never planned previously to pursue this school choice, we are thoroughly overjoyed with it! We love the flexibility that this family-centered learning offers our family. I’m able to work around the various schedules and commitments that are unique to our family (the children’s all-important daily mid-day Rest Time, my husband’s service as Lead Pastor and his career as a Small Business operator, and of course my own “Mommy Break Getaways”), but most importantly throughout the duration of each day, it affords me the time and freedom to nurture them, explore beside them, converse deeply with them, observe them, walk with them, correct & train them, teach them, assess them, laugh & play with them, pour into them, disciple them…or in short- to raise them in the way we desire. 

Sure homeschooling is a huge a sacrifice and it doesn’t allow me the typical seven -hour break from my kids that most parents get everyday, but from my vantage point, these years that I’m making this priority is worth the sacrifice on every level. Not only have I decided to embrace this call for this season, but I regard it as my primary responsibility and “job”. Therefore, I work at it diligently and put in a ton of effort to ensure that it’s a great experience for myself, my little ones and everyone else around us who benefit from it. 

One of the very practical ways that I’m able to hone my skills, improve my craft and better our experience is through collaborating with other educators. Fellow teachers from all governance models (private, charter, neighborhood, home, etc) are a tremendous asset to me as a homeschooling mom. We share lesson ideas, curriculum resources, classroom management techniques, behavior modification strategies, learning goals & standards, field trip ideas, general encouragement and much more with one another! We  even attend professional development sessions together. Additionally, I love to be available to give input on how their parents can extend effectiveness from the classroom by making home a learning environment. It’s truly a blessing to support one another in this way. I feel honored by how many of my Teacher-Friends constantly think of my “Little Learners Academy” homeschool for various learning resources and materials. Not only is it personally affirming, but it’s unity in education at its finest! 

The generation of children who are growing up today are unique in their own right. They are different and they require a diverse approach to ensure that they are all educated to their highest potential. As their appointed educators, we are called to work together, work hard and bring all of our talents and resources on the line to ensure that they benefit. We are all educational leaders working toward one all-important purpose which is to educate the upcoming generation to their great potential with love and devotion. 

Homeschooling has been an awesome experience for me and my family and the more that I connect with other teachers of every background, the richer it becomes for us all! We are all living forth our passion of preparing the next generation of little ones to pursue a lifetime of learning and growing. What an honor for us all!

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