I Was Hoping the CPS Walk-Out Was an April Fool’s Joke

As a parent of a Chicago Public School student, I am deeply frustrated, yet not surprised, that the Chicago Teachers Union plans walk out on CPS students and families yet again. I hoped their plans to not show up for work on April 1 was just a bad April Fools joke, but unfortunately it seems to be a reality.

Chicago Tribune’s editorial “Mulling a Tantrum Day in Chicago: When Teachers Lock Out Their Students” spoke to my frustrations. I wonder if the CTU truly understands how difficult it is for working parents to manage disruptions to their kids’ days — not to mention how children feel when their teachers leave them. I am tired of my family continually getting caught up in this never-ending battle between CPS and the CTU.

I hope Forrest Claypool and Karen Lewis understand that my child’s education isn’t a talking point and my child isn’t a bargaining chip in their cat-and-mouse game of political gamesmanship. It’s time for our leaders to focus on what’s best for kids, put the rhetoric aside, and get to work. The future of Chicago’s children depends on it.

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