Why I Chose Lloyd Bond for My Daughter’s Education

My name is Tenika Sampson. My daughter attends Chicago International Charter School LLoyd Bond campus.

I chose a Charter school for my daughter’s education, because I was intrigued at the fact that CICS in particular focuses on college prep as early as Kindergarten. I also like the fact that they accustom the students to test taking. The teachers are more attentive to what the students needs are, and they accommodate them with whatever need it may be; whether it’s after school tutoring or one-on-one interaction between subjects. The staff has always been very adamant in instilling the students with discipline, respect, and professionalism.


The security is top-notch as well. They make sure our children are walked to cars and ensure that children who walk go straight home.

In result, my daughter is an honor roll student and when it comes to homework she is very independent, barely needing my assistance. I am pleased with the direction she’s going in and happy with my choice for a charter school education.

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