Black Voices, Black Choices: “Everyone deserves a fair education”

For many Black families, education is about beginning anew. It’s about taking the opportunity to help the next generation avoid mistakes the previous generation has made while preparing them for the future. Today’s parent is working tirelessly to nurture her kids so that they develop a love of learning she never possessed. 

Meet Tina Ward:

What is your dream for your children’s education?

That they utilize their education to benefit their families and others in whatever career path they choose.

Where do you send your child to school and how did you make that choice?

My daughter goes to a charter public school. I made that choice based off of the recommendation of a parent who had her kid in the same school.

How does your education experience, and background impact the decision you make for your children?

Because I became a parent so early I never finished my degree which I regret and to this day suffer financially. I’ve shared this with them and explained that I want the best education experience for them because I hated school and college. I fumbled my way through because I never had the emotional support of my parents. I’ve tried to be physically and emotionally present for my crew so they can appreciate the gift of education, want to continue on, and also make it a great experience for their future kids.

What is the name of your favorite teacher and why are was s/he your favorite?

No favorite traditional school teachers but I loved my dance instructor to pieces. She was my mentor and helped me to see that I was truly talented in dance. She was also a friend and still is to this day.????

What is one thing you wish decision makers understood about educating your child and other Black children?

Everyone deserves a fair education and tax dollars should be distributed fairly across the board, not just to the benefit of the upper class.  Also that blacks need a lot of support because there are so many single parents and kids raising themselves. Also that you can’t just throw money at schools for things that aren’t benefiting anyone. Put money into research on how black children think and what are the contributing factors in how they learn. Train teachers especially non-black ones on how to teach black kids. The list could go on, but I’ll stop here.

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