Activist Shaun King Speaks to Chicago’s Violence

Homicides in Chicago climbed over 500, with 13 people being killed Labor Day weekend. Many have criticized the violence in Chicago and questioned activism of citizens in the Windy City and their work to make violence cease. Activist Shaun King and editor for the NY Daily News took to Facebook to address those who ask why Black people don’t care about the violence in Chicago.

If you ever ask me why Black folk don’t care about violence in Chicago, I immediately know 4 things about you:

1. You don’t live in Chicago.
2. You aren’t in any meaningful relationships with anyone Black in Chicago.
3. You are probably a bigot.
4. You’ve done NOTHING to make the problem better yourself.

I love Chicago. The people of Chicago care DEEPLY about the violence there. They do march. They do mourn. They do build powerful organizations and coalitions to combat not only violence, but the systemic issues which cause it in the first place.

If you live in Chicago you would know this.
If you knew people there you would know this.
If you sought out ways to help, you would’ve learned how hard people there are working around the clock for the city and the people they love.

King’s statement can be viewed here.

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