CPS Teacher Questions Where is the Same Outcry for Our Students?

Though I support my fellow educators in their outcry to be heard, to be compensated fairly, and to have a voice in a field that is too often thankless and, in today’s society, the world’s punching bag, before I can agree on the terms in which they choose to strike I ponder, “Where is this same outcry for our students?”

We didn’t get into this field because the paycheck was going to be extraordinary. We know we’re not rock stars. We stand in classrooms everyday to give life to the next rock star, doctor, and the future educator that’ll take our place. We enter this field ready to make impact into the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

Everyone deserves to be compensated for their work, especially in the education and human service field. I just wish there was a balance on when we decide to stand, when we decide to step out. How many of us would be  willing to put that same energy and gumption into striking on behalf of these kids and the list of matters that contribute to the consistent decrease in quality education in Chicago? I want to see us stand, strike, walk-out, get ballsy for that. Our students already witness too much self- gratification from people and the world around them. Must it be us, too?

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