Illinois Must Have A Budget For Our Schools By August 1st! #TheClockIsTicking

Dear Legislators,

I am writing today because parent voice needs to be uplifted and amplified in discussions that affect children and families. I, along with hundreds of other parents, am extremely concerned about the lack of public school funding and the anticipated additional budget cuts that will dramatically affect our students in Chicago.

The Illinois State Constitution promises “the state shall provide for an efficient system of high quality public educational institutions and services,” but instead, we are in a state of emergency! I believe it is time to make good on this promise and properly finance the public education system to ensure that underserved students receive appropriate supports. Chicago is in need of a long-term funding solution—not just a band-aid.

Legislators, please stop disappointing parents and children and act now. We ask you to resolve this current crisis and restore the constitutional rights of the citizens of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Every day the state goes without a budget is another day students suffer. We cannot wait until the beginning of the school year in September for a solution. School starts in the summer when teachers are hired and return in August to plan for the school year.

We need a solution by August 1. #TheClockIsTicking

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Q. McClendon-Lacey

Qulanda McClendon-Lacey is the mother of two students at UChicago Charter School Woodlawn Campus.

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