Chicago Parent Threatens to Remove Son from CPS if Strike Becomes “Too Lengthy”

As a parent who has only been with the CPS system for just over a year now, I find it disheartening to hear of a possible teachers strike and disruption of my child’s education.  To have to prepare for and find solutions that will minimize the effect of a disrupted education just as the school year has kicked off is a bit ridiculous. Yes, my mother is a retired teacher who taught for CPS for over 20 years. Yes, she will keep him on track until CPS and the CTU can come to an agreement, but how long can he be home schooled without an actual curriculum? Without falling behind those whose education will not be interrupted? Those attending Catholic or Charter Schools? Those who are officially home schooled? Those who would rather deal with any other form of schooling outside of CPS.

See I was that parent. My child was in Catholic School until last year when he was accepted into one of the top Magnet Schools in the state. Its awesome curriculum and non tuition based program made the decision to switch easy. But at what cost was this decision made? I would like to think none, but seeing as CPS seems to be incapable of meeting the CTU’s demands while the CTU refuses to compromise, it may be at the cost of a half year’s worth of education. So what do we do? Do we wait and pray that they come to an agreement? Do we take action now? I’ve considered using the K-12 homeschooling program. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it, but then I run the risk of him being socially dysfunctional. I would like to think that my decision to save $800 a month was not a decision that will negatively affect him later on down the road.
I am however, fully prepared to remove him from the CPS system should this strike become too lengthy. I will not compromise his education while we wait on those who seemingly have taken stands to make other issues a priority over my son’s right to an uninterrupted school year. I am not pointing the finger or blaming anyone but I will say that I am very disappointed that these two parties could not sit at the table and come to an agreement for the sake of  thousands of children residing in the City of Chicago. A lot have already dealt with lack as it relates to CPS, tools, learning environment and curriculums. Now they will have to deal with even the minimum requirements being taken away for a period of time as well. It’s heartbreaking, to say the least.

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Brittani Atkins