Black Voices, Black Choices: “I Want My Children to Receive Training Based on Their Life Purpose”

For many Black families, school isn’t just about reading, writing, and arithmetic.  School is about purpose, potential, and passion.  That is what drives the mother we focus on in today’s “Black Voices, Black Choices”…a desire to see her children do what they were put on this earth to do and have a school environment designed to help them do it.

Meet Tonya Biglow:

What is your dream for your children’s education?

I want my children to receive training based on their life’s purpose. I want them to know how to follow their internal guidance system.

Where do you send your child to school and how did you make that choice?

My children attend Ra Messu-t Academy of Higher Learning because they are focused on developing a personal philosophy and they connect with the child based on their personal learning styles.

How does your own education experience and background impact the decision you make for your children?

I have earned my undergraduate degree in Physics and a Masters and PhD in Metaphysics. Outside of the information I “wanted to learn” for my passion, I feel like everything else I had to do in school was a waste of time. I retained only 10% of the information I received over the long course of my academic career.  That’s why I want children’s education to be directly linked to their life purpose.

What is the name of your favorite teacher and why are was s/he your favorite?

Mrs. Gray – I appreciated Mrs. Gray because she was very instrumental in me pursuing Physics and obtaining a full scholarship for my education.

What is one thing you wish decision makers understood about educating your child and other Black children?

I wish they understood and had the means to educate kids based on their learning style and in smaller groups.

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