Will I Have a Job Next Year? #TheClockIsTicking

It’s late June and school has been out for two weeks. I should be enjoying my summer, vacationing, resting, and preparing for fall enrollments. Instead, I’m spending the days concerned if I’ll have a job in 2 months. I work at a charter school in Chicago, in the special service department, working with children with various disabilities and inspiring other students in the building. We had a great year! However, classes has ended and my school has made it clear that due to this budget crisis I won’t be returning next year, unless something changes. While waiting, I’ve been contacted by other schools in regards to fall employment. However, they are all in the same waiting game. Frustrating.

I’ve been working in education for a year and a half. I made a switch after working in the optical field for 10+ years. When I first started working in education I was was eager to be in a place where I can make an impact in the lives of our youth. Sadly, I may have to look into other fields, because our governor doesn’t seem to see the importance of education in Chicago.

It’s unfair to literally have the lives of educators, parents, and especially students in limbo. We’re unable to properly plan due to the state’s inability to properly plan. The irony.

 I confidently speak of for all of us when I say “The clock is ticking.”
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