Striking CTU teachers take to the streets last Friday.

When Teachers Strike, This Lindblom Student Stands With Them

~ For the teachers at Lindblom who danced together while preparing for a strike. You are appreciated. Thank you for being the superheroes without the capes.~

Photo courtesy Lindblom Math & Science Academy Facebook.

When Teachers Strike

When teachers strike, they are called hungry 

When teachers strike, they are called ungrateful 

When teachers strike

When teachers strike, they strike for others 

Teachers strike for the student whose voice is not heard

Because there are 40 other students in a class,  whose voices are just as important

Teachers strike because there are opportunities in school but not the support

We students are called the future

But what happens when the future is just as bad as the present? 

There will be no teacher superheroes to swoop in to save the day

Teachers are superheroes, but their powers have been overlooked

We have become so accustomed to the feeling of having a teacher, that we forgot the feeling of being without 

Teachers are just not teachers 

Teachers are 









Teachers are human 

So when teachers strike

They are not hungry or ungrateful or greedy

When teachers strike, they remind us that their superpowers should not be taken for granted 

Teachers strike for a better future and a changing present.

When teachers strike, I strike for a change.

Black and white photo: Chicago Teachers Union members take to the streets on Friday, October 18. Photo credit: Ricardo Cervantes.

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