WEDNESDAY: Join the Day of Action to Get Students Connected to Broadband

A year ago, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down U.S. schools. A year into the pandemic, 12 million students still lack adequate broadband access at home.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) already has millions of dollars for broadband in schools and libraries in a program called E-Rate. But right now those institutions can’t use the money to get their families connected.

A new joint letter from brightbeam and its national network of education activists asks for signatures to update that policy.

The FCC can make a simple change to E-Rate that will allow schools and libraries to help families get connected. In fact, the current chair of the FCC, Jessica Rosenworcel, has been a vocal proponent of this change. The letter encourages her to stay strong against special interests and update E-Rate now. 

If you haven’t already, SIGN YOUR NAME to our joint letter to the acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel and tell the FCC to make E-Rate funding available to schools and libraries to promote broadband connectivity for students at home.

Sign Your Name Now.

ONE MORE DAY: Tell the FCC To Update E-Rate and Get Families Connected

Next Steps

After adding your name, there are other steps you can take to ensure the kids in your area have the access they deserve. Just click on any of the tweets and images below to share them on your own social media channels.


The pandemic has exposed just how unfair access to broadband internet is in our country. Low-income, rural, and students of color are hit hardest. Join me today in asking @JRosenworcel and the @FCC to update #ERate and ensure #InternetForAll.

12,000,000 students still don’t have adequate access to high-speed internet at a time they need it most. Add your name to the joint letter by midnight tonight and tell @JRosenworcel and the @FCC that you support the effort to update #ERate and end the #HomeworkGap.

There’s no excuse for our students not to have broadband access for their schoolwork. Join me by calling on the @FCC to update #ERate now to get all kids connected. #InternetForAll #HomeworkGap

Join me in thanking @JRosenworcel, acting chair of the @FCC, for her leadership in addressing the #HomeworkGap. Sign your name TODAY and let’s get closer to making #InternetForAll a reality by updating #ERate now.


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