Tips for Protecting Your Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is authored by Jenny Miller, a retired teacher and a leader with, a group promoting the benefits of time in nature for children and adults. 

Do your kids spend much time outside? Between work and school, finding the time for outdoor activities can be tough. But spend too much time indoors and your family might suffer from something called nature-deficit disorder. The symptoms of nature-deficit disorder—anxiety, depression, poor attention, academic problems, obesity, and more—can have a significant impact on a child’s development. Children who don’t engage in enough outdoor play also face higher rates of attention-deficit disorder. If you’re concerned, check out the following ways to combat nature-deficit disorder and help your kids connect with nature!

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Spending time in nature can give you and your family an incredible wellness boost. You’ll enjoy improvements to your energy levels, mood, ability to focus, and sleep quality, among several other positive mental and physical effects. Get your family outdoors as often as possible even in the winter so you and your kids can enjoy all the wonderful things that nature has to offer!

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