Strike Will Hurt Our Kids

The teachers strike will seriously hurt our kids.

My husband and I made the decision to send our son to Catholic school because we didn’t want anyone putting a price tag on his education. We didn’t want to wake up one day to an email stating that his school was closed and he won’t learn anything for the day.  If there is a strike, students will suffer because the teachers are not going to be there to teach them what they need to know to continue to the next grade. There’s also a possibility that while they are supposed to be in school learning, they may be out in the streets getting into different things that are likely to be negative. Parents will be forced to put their jobs at risk because while their children are suppose to be in school learning they will have to be at home with them.  Yes, parents are the first teachers, but how can those same parents provide for their children and be at home with them at the same time?
Teachers need to be paid for what they are doing for the students, so I completely understand their part. Those teachers are overworked and very underpaid while teaching 20-35 kids in one classroom. Some are even buying supplies with their own money, grading papers even when they are off the clock and talking to parents on their own time. But if we are telling our future leaders that they can do anything if they put their minds to it, taking away the people that are suppose to teach them about the Mae Jemisons and the Garrett Morgans of the world will be harmful.

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