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Moms, This Teacher Sends Appreciation Right Back at Ya

This week, as I’ve been every year of my teaching career, I am blown away by the outpouring of love and support for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Even the briefest of kind words are so appreciated. Thank you!

And isn’t it fitting, this year of all years, that Mother’s Day falls right after Teacher Appreciation Week.  To all the moms who have unwittingly become teachers this school year, you deserve some love and appreciation too.

A lot of homeschoolers-by-chance-not-by-choice folks have told me how school closures have given them a greater appreciation for the work that teachers do every day.  But the truth is, you’re doing it! 

Take a moment to appreciate your greatness.  It’s okay…I’ll wait.  In the midst of a global pandemic, you’re keeping your family safe, happy, and maybe even learning something.  I don’t *think* I’ve read any news stories about quarantined siblings killing each other yet.  Kudos to you!

Mom, Even If Your Kids Are Still Struggling With Times Tables, You Rock

Even if your child hasn’t learned any multiplication facts.  Even if they still can’t put a period at the end of their sentences. Even if they still think Africa is a country.  They have seen their mom face adversity–all our families have faced adversity to some degree–and handle it like a BOSS. 

They have watched you contribute meaningfully to the larger community, even if contributing has meant nothing more than staying home.  And they have seen that even when everything familiar that they know has gone away, the one constant in their lives is and always will be family.

And for the teachers who are teachers and moms AT THE SAME time.  Just wow.  Teaching 30 kids, plus a few more of your own, has not been easy.  Planning, learning new tech platforms, answering parent emails…I’m exhausted just thinking about it.  I think I might go take a nap with my dog now.

So Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and Mother’s Day!  Thanks for the appreciation sent our way.  The feeling is most definitely mutual.

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash.

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Sara Urben

Sara Urben is a National Board Certified elementary school teacher who leads professional development with educators from around the city. She is passionate about purposeful play in the classroom, the benefits of bilingual education, and literacy as a social justice issue.