It’s Time For More Black Men in the Classroom

Ever since I made the decision to pursue a career in education, I have constantly been praised and told, “We need more black males in education”. Before, I simply agreed and went about my business, but lately that statement has me thinking. I’ve encountered several black men who are phenomenal educators and make a difference within their classrooms and communities, but why does it still appear to be so few?

There is definitely a need for more black men to serve in classrooms, counseling offices and centers, and administration. There are so many young black males who have the drive and desire to make a change in their communities, but the education field has often times been deemed for women and an area that makes very little money. I believe it is time for our black brothers to unite and work towards creating a better environment for our children through education. It is a goal of mine to create a program that gets more young black men involved in the different careers in education as well as give them the necessary tools and training to become dynamic leaders in and outside of their careers.

Though I am not yet a certified teacher, I believe it’s never too early for change. I urge all black men who are teachers, counselors, principals, parapros, deans, administrative staff, and those who are simply interested in making a change to come together and let’s share our passion for change with the younger generations.

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Marcell Wade

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