Back of the Yards Youth Say “Black Lives Matter”

Sunday’s march at 46th and Damen was one of many organized by residents of the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The march was brought to my attention by my long time friend, Samuel Toribio. We discussed how I was a voice in the neighborhood that many would listen to. I was excited about leading this peaceful protest as soon as it was brought to my attention.

Brandon Crittendon (left) and Berto Aguayo at Sunday’s youth march.

As the next generation of adults, we know that change starts with us. From here on out the younger members of the community have to be active in the fight to bring equality to minorities across the USA. Years from now when we have children of our own, we don’t want them growing up experiencing verbal and physical abuse because of their skin color.

A common misconception about the current protests is that protestors don’t  have regard for all lives. We do believe that all lives matter. However, not all lives are living in constant fear of death. [For more on how these fears play out in Chicago Public Schools, read this.] Until minorities are treated as human beings, we will continue to fight for justice and equality.

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Brandon Crittendon

Brandon Crittendon is a 2020 graduate of Back of the Yards High School. He will be attending Ohio State next fall and is planning to major in journalism or sportswriting.

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