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Noble Charter Schools Share Tips for Remote Learning

How did your first week of school go? How was your connection? Did you have any hiccups?  If you had issues, you might be interested to see what the Noble Network of Charter Schools had on tap for their students and faculty at the start of this bizarre, upside-down, pandemic-laden school year.  Calling it #NobleReadyForRemote, this morning Noble shared on…

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Digital Learning Will Never Replace Human Teachers

[Editor’s note: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of teachers and students.] Before the pandemic, I had so many wonderful opportunities to watch wise teachers make strategic, in-the-moment decisions to support students. Our ninth-grade English teacher, Ms. Watkins, is one of those wise teachers. Ms. Watkins has a glow about her that radiates to kids. Her warmth is…

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Tales from the Front Lines of Teaching Remotely: Lara Elementary

Editor’s note: Chicago Unheard is inviting teachers and parents to share their stories of learning while coping with the COVID-19 pandemic. Patricia Hernández teaches English Language Arts at Lara Academy in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood. Lara is a high-achieving neighborhood school serving a predominantly low-income, Latinx population. More than half of the students are still learning English and 16 percent…

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