Author: Sean Healy

Sean Healy is an Assistant Principal of a high school in South Chicago. Before becoming an administrator Sean was a Literature teacher for 5 years. Sean enjoys writing, reading, gardening, yoga, and improv. He lives in Wicker Park. You can read more of his work on his blog:
woman teacher with male student

Digital Learning Will Never Replace Human Teachers

[Editor’s note: Names have been changed to protect the privacy of teachers and students.] Before the pandemic, I had so many wonderful opportunities to watch wise teachers make strategic, in-the-moment decisions to support students. Our ninth-grade English teacher, Ms. Watkins, is one of those wise teachers. Ms. Watkins has a glow about her that radiates to kids. Her warmth is…

Your Long Thanksgiving Read: Be Many Things

Editor’s Note: Guest author Sean Healy, a Chicago high school administrator and volunteer teacher in Cook County Jail, shares his story, “Be Many Things.” It’s a long read that will remind you of the many possibilities inherent in human beings of all ages. Be Many Things   The Cook County Jail’s maximum security division smells like the bathroom of a…