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We Can Teach Black and LGBTQ History at the Same Time. In Fact, We Should.

My social media feeds were drenched with homophobia this week. People were saying how they really felt about my state, Illinois, joining other states mandating the teaching of LGBTQ history in schools.  And ignorance about the required teaching of African American history in schools made me feel like I was drowning in idiocy and hypocrisy. Hateful and disgusting questions infuriated me—like Fred Williams’ question…

When It Comes to Pride in Their Neighborhood, Third Graders at Chavez Elementary Say It Loud!

At Chavez Elementary, third-grade teachers Ashley McCall and Lindsey Singer and their students capped the year with a joint project: the online magazine Dilo Fuerte/Say It Loud. The magazine, written in Spanish and English, features book reviews, poetry, stories and interviews from leaders and activists in Back of the Yards, across the South and Southwest Sides of Chicago, and around…