Everyone Counts

Chavez Elementary Students Say “Everyone Counts” in Census 2020

In the middle of all the intensity 2020 has thrown our way, let’s not forget a very important task families can do to support their schools: complete the Census 2020! Which, if you haven’t already done it, you can do right here: https://2020census.gov. Billions of dollars in federal and state money for schools, students and families is distributed on the…

Counselor Ms. Huck with family

Parents Say, When It Comes to Helping Kids Find the Right High School, LEARN Charter’s Carol Huck Gets the Job Done

Micah Peace is proud of his daughter, London, who just graduated from eighth grade and is on her way to Westinghouse College Prep. And he’s very pleased with the support he got from Carol Huck, counselor at LEARN Charter, to help London find the right school for her and for their family. (Carol Huck is pictured at the far right…

Trust Your Struggle

If We Can’t Trust CPS to Take Parents Seriously, How Can Parents Trust Them With Kids Next Year?

Like every other parent in the Chicago Public Schools, I’m trying to wrap my head around what next school year might look like, both for everybody and for my own family in particular. So far, the struggle has produced more questions than answers. We don’t know much yet about how CPS will handle next school year. Late last week the…

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