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Noble Charter Schools Share Tips for Remote Learning

How did your first week of school go? How was your connection? Did you have any hiccups?  If you had issues, you might be interested to see what the Noble Network of Charter Schools had on tap for their students and faculty at the start of this bizarre, upside-down, pandemic-laden school year.  Calling it #NobleReadyForRemote, this morning Noble shared on…


For Our Children’s Sake, We Must Not Grow Weary in Doing the Work of Anti-Racism

I am finding it difficult to get through most days without crying, without feeling like water is rising above my head, without feeling a great sense of despair. I feel a heaviness in my chest. Watching 400 years of abuse, injustice, and systemic racism play out in history and in the news has proven to be too much for many…

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