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RYH teach in on TLC

Parents Call for More Attention to Remote Learning and Reducing Digital Inequity

Raise Your Hand parents have developed a plan called Trust Learning Care (TLC), with concrete demands like $12.5 million more for students to access devices and Internet, a full commitment to meeting every student in special education’s IEP or 504 plan, at-home learning kits for young remote learners and outdoor options as the weather warms up.

Justice with scales

L.A. Parents Sue Their District Over Remote Learning. Will Chicago Parents Follow?

Yesterday afternoon, a group of Latnix and Black parents in Los Angeles announced they have filed a lawsuit agains the Los Angeles Unified School District. The parents claim LAUSD’s remote learning plan falls short of providing students what they need to learn. You can watch the conference–and hear the heartbreaking stories the parents shared regarding inadequate support for parents and…

What’s Up in CPS the Week of June 11, 2018?

School Facilities Public Hearings Start Today For decades, Chicago Public Schools made decisions about construction and repair of school facilities with little input from the public and less transparency about the process. In 2011, thanks to pressure from community advocates, Springfield passed a law requiring CPS to create a 10-year capital spending plan, known as the Educational Facilities Master Plan.…