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Here’s How Redwood Grow Deftly Brings the Science of Reading to Teachers

Last month, I wrote about my visit to Redwood Day School, where teachers use structured phonics and an explicit approach to reading instruction that is proving effective for students who have experienced persistent reading challenges. The goal of Redwood Day is to help students catch up to their grade-level peers and return to more traditional schools. But many more young…

My Neighbor Died Because He Struggled to Read. “Hard Words” Explains Why He Missed Out.

If you care about kids, take some time this week and spend the 52 minutes it takes to listen to Emily Hanford’s new radio documentary from American Public Media, “Hard Words.” Then get mad enough to make waves about changing the way we teach reading—both to kids, and to teachers. Hanford’s piece details the sad fact that the truce that…

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