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Two Strategies We’re Not Hearing Enough: Outdoor Learning and Building Trust with Families

Last night I had the great pleasure to speak with my friend Marisol Quevedo Rerucha of the National Parents Union during her nightly restorative check-in. If you need to catch your breath, she has a nice breathing exercise for you! We had the opportunity to discuss two strategies to support learning that aren’t getting enough air time during the pandemic:…

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White People: Here’s Why Moving to a “Good School” in a “Good Neighborhood” Is Racist

Many White folks, especially northern white liberals who voted for Obama, would argue they are not racist, even while they actively cause harm to Black folks by their racist actions.   Since so many people don’t know what racism is or how they are racist, here are three racist things that northern White liberals do:  Engage in “White flight”—when poor Black…