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Our Kids Can’t Wait Till You Show Up for Them on Tuesday Night

Chicago, our kids can’t wait–and we’re not going to make them wait anymore, either.  Our kids can no longer wait on our city’s leadership or Chicago Public Schools to figure out how to close the opportunity gaps that exist between Black, Latino and White students. I recently wrote about brightbeam’s report, “The Secret Shame: How America’s Most Progressive Cities Betray…

Here’s Why You Want to Mentor a Young Person in Chicago

Mentoring is a rare point of connection between people who rarely share space together. When Americans show up for mentoring youth, they usually do so across lines of class and race in a way that few other activities can offer. It’s possibly one of the last remaining areas of nearly universal agreement in our left-right-black-white world. We all do better when our kids do better, right?

Students Don’t Learn From Suspensions But Restorative Justice Offers Opportunity

For the last few years, Chicago Public Schools has been working hard to change its discipline policies and practices to reduce suspensions and expulsions. Instead, the district is encouraging principals and teachers to use restorative justice practices such as peace circles, conversations to restore relationships and formal letters of apology to repair harm and restore community. This shift is essential.…