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How Many High School Counselors Now, like Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Then, Are Still Telling Black Teens ‘Don’t Set Your Sights So High?’

As we as a nation watch the confirmation process that Judge Brown Jackson will traverse over the next few weeks, we should use this as an opportunity to reflect on our nation’s education system. If our public and private k-12 education system was up for confirmation would we have the courage to acknowledge its faults and take deliberate and purposeful action to solve the inherent built-in inequities that deny Black and Latino students their ability to fulfill their full potential?

For 2020, Chicago Unheard Promises You More Parent Voices and School Snapshots

As we move into a new year and decade, I looked back on our top posts of 2019 to see what our readers found most compelling. For 2020, I can promise you more how-they-did-it stories from strong Chicago schools serving the highest-need kids and lots more reflections from parents with kids in Chicago Public Schools. In 2019, Chicago Unheard fans…

Jones Counselor Brian Coleman Talks College Access, Sex Ed and Supporting LGBTQ+ Students

Brian Coleman, who heads the counseling department at Jones College Prep, has been named the 2019 National School Counselor of the Year. This is the second year in a row that a Chicago Public Schools counselor has held the title. Chicago Unheard spoke with Brian recently about his journey from acting to school counseling, the ways Jones is strengthening college…

To Boost College Admissions Equity, Let’s Support High-Achieving Freshmen of Color

The first year of high school is a challenge to everyone. CPS has increased supports for high school freshmen, but high-achievers are still shorted. A new report suggests this has lasting consequences for district equity in college admissions. In a district where many students may have attended the same school from kindergarten through eighth grade, ninth grade means finding a…

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