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Coming Thursday: Hope and Healing for Pandemic Learning

It’s a rough time for families here in Chicago. The current spike in Covid-19 cases has put on hold the Chicago Public Schools’ plan to allow preschoolers back to in-person learning for second quarter. Parents are juggling work and finances while trying to help their young children learn. To offer some hope and light in the midst of these struggles,…

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Here’s How Christopher House Continues to Refine Remote Learning

Learning, whether in-person or virtual, is most successful when students are active and engaged. The transition to e-learning has made student engagement in learning particularly difficult. But at Christopher House, our unique model of personalized education for students, coupled with immersive supports for the entire family, is showing success, with a remarkable 95% average daily attendance during remote learning. The…

Christopher House Breaks Ground on Innovative Middle School

As a toddler, Camilla Ruelas had a life-saving liver transplant. She’s now a sixth-grader at Christopher House Charter School, with her sights set on college at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana and later, medical school. “I hope to learn more about the human body and anatomy to become a doctor someday,” and perform those lifesaving transplants herself, she told a…

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