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RYH teach in on TLC

Parents Call for More Attention to Remote Learning and Reducing Digital Inequity

Raise Your Hand parents have developed a plan called Trust Learning Care (TLC), with concrete demands like $12.5 million more for students to access devices and Internet, a full commitment to meeting every student in special education’s IEP or 504 plan, at-home learning kits for young remote learners and outdoor options as the weather warms up.

Velma Thomas Teacher Appreciation

Teacher Appreciation, Chicago Style!

This week, my colleague Tanesha Peeples and I want to take a moment to shout-out a handful of the many Chicago teachers we know who are working their hearts out for students every day. Take Jessica Fong, preK teacher at Velma Thomas Early Childhood Center. When schools closed due to COVID-19, half of her preK students and families began taking…

At Columbia Explorers, Mentoring Keeps Excellence Consistent

For Principal Eileen Considine, leading Columbia Explorers has been a chance to come full circle. The story starts all the way back in 1994, when she taught at nearby Shields Elementary with a colleague, Jose Barrera, who was working as the bilingual coordinator. The two educators forged a deep friendship and working partnership. In 2001, when Barrera opened the brand-new…

AstroTurf or Hypocrisy? CTU Please Let Us Know

The term “AstroTurf” comes to mind.   You know, that’s what they call it when the financial resources behind a certain set of political activities are intentionally hidden in order to make it seem like the messages, ideas and activities originate from and are supported by the grassroots.  And it certainly came to mind when I read the Sun-Times article…