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Reggie King

Thanks to His Teacher, Lindblom’s Top 2022 Grad Discovered His Love of Math. Here’s How He’s Paying It Forward.

Reginald “Reggie” King graduated from Lindblom College Preparatory in May, with a passion for math education and a plan to invest in the future of academic success. Attending Xavier University in Louisiana on a full ride scholarship this fall, King plans to major in accounting to satisfy his love for math and minor in either education or sports management. There,…

We Have to Get Education Right for Black Students and Families in 2020

Y’all, it’s the year 2020. There’s no reason why only 15% of Black eighth graders are reading with proficiency. There’s no excuse as to why Black kids have the lowest national averages in math. And there’s no reason why their talents should be undermined and thrown away because of the color of their skin or where they live.

As a Charter Network Leader I Fight for Students, and a Strike Will Hurt Them the Most

Nobody likes a teacher strike. I know. I have lived through a number of them. And I may have to do it again. My life and my background speak to the importance of education and school choice, two topics currently under discussion both in the city of Chicago and throughout our country. As an African-American woman and educator, I am a…

Why Black Males Need to Answer the Call and Teach

Sharif El-Mekki is the principal of Mastery Charter School Shoemaker Campus in West Philadelphia. This post was originally posted on Education Post, in which El-Mekki shares why more Black males should accept the call to teach. Had you asked me 25 years ago—and some people did—if I’d become an educator, I would have said, “No way! Why would I work…