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Kidz Express

Neither the Pandemic Nor Remote Learning Stops Kidz Express from Helping West Side Kids

Across the country, educators, kids and families have experienced major disruptions due to the pandemic – ones they are still undergoing.  Here in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood, Kidz Express offers direct support for kids and families. Through tutoring and homework help, we support their teachers, too. Kidz Express began when our two founders, Duane Ehresman and Warren King, were looking for…

In Defense of Cheaters: I Understand Why They Lied About Their Address to Go to That School

What do you know?  The Chicago Public Schools Inspector General has discovered that families from affluent Chicago neighborhoods and even affluent Chicago suburbs have been using false residency information in order to gain access to some of Chicago’s top high schools.   I would love to join the chorus of people roundly condemning this behavior, but I can’t shake the…

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