Author: Peter Cunningham

Peter Cunningham is the executive director of Education Post, which funds Chicago Unheard. He is also the former director of communications for the Chicago Public Schools.

A Career and Technical Education Program That Is Getting Kids Jobs

Across the Chicago region and the Rust Belt, thousands of small to medium-sized manufacturing firms have been soldiering on through decades of outsourcing and disinvestment. Many are led by aging owners struggling to find qualified and willing employees or successors to run their companies. Into the breach comes Manufacturing Connect, a program based in Austin College and Career Academy on…

Progress, Problems and Politics in the Chicago Public Schools

Last weekend, I bought a subscription to the Chicago Sun-Times, which recently instituted a paywall. I love the gritty, bare-knuckles reporting and cut-through-the-noise columnists of the self-described “Hardest-Working Paper in America.” I’m even getting home delivery. Monday morning, the paper arrived with a lengthy story on “fiascoes” in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) that could become a headache for Mayor…