Author: Garris Stroud

Garris L. Stroud is a teacher and education advocate from Greenville, Kentucky. His works have appeared in Science Scope, the Kentucky English Bulletin, Curio Learning, and Education Post. He is a proud 2016 Honors graduate of Murray State University. Garris is a Kentucky State Teacher Fellow and was a 2019 Kentucky Teacher of the Year nominee. He was recently appointed to the Kentucky Commissioner of Education's Teacher Advisory Council.

After a Year Like 2018, Teachers Can No Longer Stay Silent about Injustice

Editor’s Note: As we close out 2018, Chicago Unheard hands the mike to Kentucky School Talk blogger Garris Stroud, who calls on himself and his fellow teachers to make even more noise on behalf of justice and equity in the new year.   After a year like this one, I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting and questioning how so…