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Chicago Parents and Activists Say “Our Kids Can’t Wait”

“Our Kids Can’t Wait” That was the overarching theme of a recent education-focused, community town hall in Chicago, led by activist Tanesha Peeples and Chicago Unheard. The gathering saw parents and advocates brave a snowstorm to talk about real solutions for meeting the needs of each and every student in Chicago.  The night was a powerful reminder of the value of community organizing…

Why Are Black Families Leaving Chicago? Maybe Our Kids Can’t Wait for Better Schools.

My hometown of Chicago has touted itself as a progressive city for many years. We’ve stood firm in our position as a sanctuary city and recently moved towards the legalization of marijuana—pushing a social equity initiative to ensure people in blighted areas have skin in the weed game. We even formed a progressive caucus within the city council in 2013. We also received national…